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Kraft Power Corporation

The Power of Performance

About Company:

Kraft Power was founded in 1965 in Boston, Massachusetts. Initially named “W. A. Kraft Corp”, the company distributed and serviced industrial engines, transmissions, and clutches. We designed and manufactured engine-generator systems, and were among the pioneers of “Total Energy” (now known as Combined Heat and Power) power plants, as well as of emergency generator systems and service programs. Early projects included on-site power systems supplied to facilities such as the World Trade Center, Federal Reserve Bank, the Statue of Liberty, and Yankees Stadium in New York, as well as many hospitals, factories, communications, and municipal projects that require reliable energy. Today Kraft Power operates nine sales and service facilities in eight states, with a staff of over 170 professionals dedicated to service excellence.
  1. Generators & Power Systems

  2. Cogeneration – CHP & Marine Products

  3. Gas Engines & Diesel Engines

  4. Controls & Accessories

  5. Power Transmission Equipment