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CKD Blansko Holding, a.s.


CKD Blansko Holding, a.s.

South Moravian, South Moravian, Czech Republic


WE ARE A COMPANY BASED ON KNOW-HOW IN THE HYDROPOWER ENGINEERING AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES. Blansko factory Hydro water turbines have been produced since 1904. During this time CKD Blansko gained a strong position among suppliers of equipment for water plants all over the world. The total installed capacity exceeds 19,000 MW. With more than 100years of experience, we can offer the proven quality to our customers and we are able to meet customer´s most demanding requirements, whether it is machine efficiency or environmental standards. Own production capacity with an area of 51,700 square meters. You will find our projects in 55 countries worldwide with a unit output ranging from 200 kW to 350 MW. An own laboratory research facility is in operation already since 1946. The Hydraulic Laboratory of ČKD Blansko is one of the biggest in Europe. It has 4 separate measuring tracks for model testing of all types of turbines. We guarantee the highest quality and expediency in the supply of key components of hydropower plants through the the education and training of specialists. The ČKD Blansko partner Welding School annually produces more than one hundred graduates.
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