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LYC North America Inc

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North America, Inc is the subsidiary of LYC Bearing Group, which is the largest comprehensive bearings manufacture in China. Established in 1992 in California, LYC North America, inc is specialized in the sales, marketing, distribution, and import/export of bearings, bearing assemblies and power transmissions. For more than 15 years experience, LYC has successfully supplied North America Automobiles, Railways, Pumps, Mines and Agricultures Industries. Supported by our parent company - LYC bearing group, which have 15,000 employees and more than 3,000 technical personals of different professionals as well as over 4,000 sets of first-rate manufacture equipments and test instruments, LYC North America provide stable quality, competitive price bearings cover 9 categories, more than 5,000 type, 5 tolerance classes and range from id 6mm weight 25.4g to OD 5.44m weight 15t. Some of them are ready inventory in our Chicago warehouse. Our commitment to reliability, JIT deliveries, consistent quality, product integrity and optimum customer service ensures both value and cost effectiveness for our customers.
  1. Ball Bearings

  2. Roller Bearings

  3. Insert Bearing and Housings

  4. Slewing Bearings

  5. Railway Bearings