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MFG Components Oy


About Company:

The workshop, founded in 1975 in Tohmajärvi, initially operated purely as a manufacturer of V-belt pulleys. The company operated under the names Esmac and Tohmac, before the establishment of MFG Components Oy. Over the years, specialization in product offerings has been required, resulting in a company with a diverse fleet of machines serving contract customers from various industries, specializing in custom-designed, custom-made products. In 2017, MFG Components Oy's engineering operations were separated from the transmission sales business and transferred to the Power Tech Group. As a result of the transaction, the entire workshop's manufacturing business and related personnel were transferred to the PowerTech Group. Despite the change in ownership, we will continue to work with manufacturing in the same premises.
  1. shaft couplings

  2. Pulleys & Leashes

  3. Flexible elements and dampers

  4. chain wheels & chains

  5. Locking elements, shrink, conical and friction connection sleeves