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About Company:

Mubea is a family owned company with a high degree of flexibility and quick decision making capability. These decisions are focused around long-term and lasting company success. Mubea has greater than 13,000 employees in 30 offices and global production facilities. All Mubea belleville disc springs are manufactured in Daaden, Germany where they have been produced for more than 40 years, combining years of experience with updated quality control methods. Mubea Incorporated keeps an extensive stock and sells the disc springs out of our Florence, KY plants to United States, Canada and Mexico. Mubea disc springs are used in many types of applications. These applications range from industrial applications, such as safety valve systems placed 3000 m below sea level, to satellites in outer space. A team of highly qualified engineers will work to find individual solutions to every spring problem by utilizing ongoing development of technologies, creativity, and an innovative approach. In addition to the strong engineering support, testing requirements can also be met with our extremely well-equipped laboratories.
  1. Disc Springs

  2. Belleville Spring Washers

  3. Slotted Disc Springs, Wave Disc Springs, and Special Disc Springs

  4. High Performance Generation II Disc Springs

  5. Self Centering Disc Spring Stacks