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The need for the transportation of material and modes for material handling had taken birth since the time mankind decided to concentrate on industrialization in an effort towards the upliftment of the general social status of his creed. “Necessity is the mother of invention” it is said, and the need to bring down to the minimum, the glaring rising costs of material handling, lead to preserving giant strides which, ultimately, culminated in a final leap towards the goal embodied in the invention and implementation of Belt Conveyors for the transportation of material in a phased production line from the raw material source leading to the finished end product. The Belt Conveyor was an immediate success owing to the advantages of simplicity of construction, high efficiency, low losses due to friction, resulting in low power requirement and economy in maintenance. The legacy of “NB” came into being in the early part of 1998 when, under the dynamic leadership and guidance of a technocrat, we established ourselves, setting course towards an ultimate vision to give our valued customers. “THE LOWEST COST PER TONNE OF MATERIAL TRANSPORTED”.
  1. NN / EP Rubber Conveyor Belts

  2. Elevator Conveyor Belts

  3. V Cleat Conveyor Belts, Bull Horn Conveyor Belts, and Special Conveyor Belts,

  4. Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts, Oil Resistant Conveyor Belts, and Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts

  5. Food Grade Conveyor Belts