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Neugart USA Corp

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States[email protected]+19802999800

About Company:

NEUGART USA is the US subsidiary of the German company Neugart, a leading supplier of precision gearheads for automation, motion-control, and robotic applications. NEUGART is a family owned company dedicated to product excellence and total customer satisfaction. Founded in 1928, machining precision gears for instruments, in the 60s NEUGART developed its first precision planetary gearbox product line for stepper motors, used predominantly in automated systems that time. With our attention to details, ongoing product enhancements we remain the leading force in this technology. The 4th generation of our precision, high value economy E- series product line offers the highest torque density in the industry.
  1. Planetary Gearboxes with Output Shaft & Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange

  2. Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes with Output Shaft & Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output Flange

  3. Right Angle Gearbox with Hollow Shaft

  4. Hygienic Design Planetary Gearbox & Planetary gearbox for AGVs

  5. Planetary gearboxes with mounted pinion & Custom Gearboxes