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Reliable Turbine Services, Inc.

Turnkey Outage Management | 24/7 Emergency Services

About Company:

Reliable Turbine Services, Inc. is a full service turbine repair company. We have a brand new high rotor bay and machine shop, with 100,000 lbs of lifting capability. With a huge selection of field equipment to handle numerous projects simultaneously, we are able to provide you with skilled, safety and fitness certified technicians that are among the best in the industry. We are proud to have a 98% retention rate with our customers, with several long term contracts in place. Whether servicing specific components of a power generating plant or facility, or contracting a complete turnkey outage audit, Reliable Turbine Services Inc. brings an interdisciplinary approach that combines the experience and talents of mechanical, electrical, power generation, turbine and generator engineers and technicians. Quality Turbine/Generator Turnkey Services- Featuring first-class power generation component repairs, generator testing and repairs, airfoil/blade and precision component manufacturing, full open/clean/inspect/close services, balance of plant, outage management and engineering/consulting services.
  1. Turbine Component Repairs

  2. Generator Testing and Maintenance

  3. Precision Turbine Parts Manufacturing

  4. Open/Clean/Inspect/Close Services

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