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Premium solar panels without the premium price tag

About Company:

At Solaria, our vision has always been to develop innovative products that offer significant benefits to our customers and to society. Founded in 2000 when solar energy was virtually non-existent, Solaria was one of the early innovators of next-generation solar panels and systems. Our most recent product, the Solaria PowerXT solar panel, is based on a ground-breaking technology in which solar cells are cut, overlapped (shingled), and more densely packed into the panel to create a substantially higher-power, higher-efficiency panel than conventional solar panels. Starting in 2014, Solaria was an early innovator in developing shingled panels, and has amassed over 250 issued and pending patents in the field.
  1. Solar Panels for Homes or Businesses

  2. Highest Power, All-Black AC Solar Panels

  3. High Performance, Beautiful Solar Panels

  4. More Power, More Beauty PowerXT 400W Solar Panels

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