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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Philadelphia Gear (A Timken Brand)

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States[email protected]+18007665120

About Company:

Trust your entire industrial drivetrain to Philadelphia Gear, now part of Timken Power Systems. If you're relying on single-service "partial solutions" for your drivetrain upgrades, maintenance, and repairs, any call can become a headache. That's because you may not be covered when your next component fails — and even if you are, getting that part serviced can be an exercise in frustration. See what a complete solution looks like At Philadelphia Gear, we've created a complete drive-train service solution for: •Electric motors •Generators •Controls •Switch-gears •Bearings •Couplings •Gear drives As part of Timken Power Systems, we now offer customers 24/7 coverage for every drivetrain component. They appreciate having complete peace of mind, knowing they can turn to a single point of contact for any need, at any time. We've expanded our services to include inspections, upgrades, and repairs to every critical component of your drive-train. Now, no matter what solution you need, you'll always get access to our 24/7 on-site assistance and a proven network of ISO 9001-certified regional service centers. In other words, a full solution. Your free drivetrain audit is waiting.
  1. Power Transmission Equipment

  2. Gearbox Repair and Overhaul

  3. Full Disassembly & Cleaning

  4. Inspection & Measurement

  5. Engineering Evaluation & Recommendations, Upgrading & Modifications, and Reverse Engineering