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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Pioneer Motor Bearing Co.

An Outstanding Reputation Based on a Tradition of Expertise

Kings Mountain, North Carolina, United States[email protected]+18888139001

About Company:

Founded in 1920 and still owned by the same family, Pioneer has a tradition of excellence, stability, and customer service. Our mission is to provide OEMs and end users with the optimum solutions to their bearing requirements, on time and within budget. Pioneer offers expert engineering services. Our engineers have “seen it all” and can work with you to design efficient and cost effective solutions to your bearing problems. Among our many accomplishments, we invented and hold the patent on the Fluid Pivot® tilting pad journal bearing. We manufacture new radial and thrust bearings and seals for OEMs both to our customers’ designs and those of our own. Most importantly we can provide you with peace of mind. When you work with Pioneer you can rest assured that your order is what you want, will do what you want, be delivered when you want it, and be within budget.
  1. Engineering and Technical Services

  2. Bearing Design Development for OEMs and End Users

  3. Bearing Engineering Troubleshooting, Upgrades & Retrofit Replacement Parts

  4. Analysis, Repair and Upgrade of Spring-bed supported Hydroelectric Thrust Bearings

  5. Rotordynamics Audits, Analysis And Vibration Diagnostics