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The German Printed Motors GmbH was founded in 1987 as a sales and service office of the American disc armature motor manufacturer PMI Motion Technologies Inc., or PMI for short. For this purpose, a team of specialists for industrial servo drive systems could be won from the European licensee, who contributed their experience in the application area of ​​highly dynamic drives. Brushless three-phase servo drives were soon developed in Heidelberg to supplement direct current drive technology, which introduced a new concept for industrial robots. In 1990 the employees in Heidelberg acquired the German shares in the parent company PMI Motion Technologies Inc. as part of a management buyout (MBO) and founded Printed Motors GmbH, Industrie-Servoantriebssysteme. This opened up the opportunity to adapt more consistently to the changed market requirements; this included the further development of the product range with adapted control and power electronics.
  1. DC disc rotor

  2. Brushless motors

  3. Special motors

  4. Servo amplifier