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Pulley Manufacturers International Inc.

Building your Business by Supplying you the Best in Power Transmission Components

About Company:

Pulley Manufacturers International, Inc. name is synonymous with excellence in quality, dependability and customer service. Our focus is on quality, pricing and on time delivery. In addition, our modern production facilities, has resulted in PMI meeting the ever changing needs of the marketplace. As a part of our vast international network of corporate and industrial resources, PMI offers its customers the finest state-of-the-art power transmission products available in the world. PMI is well positioned to meet the challenges of the 21st century as we strive to be the best supplier in the industry. PMI's global presence affords us unprecedented opportunities to market our products. We utilize the brightest minds in business sales and engineering. This combined with our continuous improvement of quality and processes, has caused PMI to be poised for continuous growth now and well into the future.
  1. Pulleys & Pulley Stock

  2. Timing Belts

  3. Flanges

  4. Sprockets

  5. Gears