Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Provider

Tomlin Scientific, Inc.

Buena Park, California, United States

About Company:

Manufacturer of custom lubricating oils & greases. Types of greases include calcium & calcium complex, lithium & lithium complex, mixed soap base greases, bentone greases, silica greases, PTFE greases, non-soap based greases & perfluorinated fluids & greases. All oils & greases can be made with synthetic fluids such as PAO, ESTERS, & various polymers. PFPE/PTFE thickened greases, sealed for life bearing greases, CV joint greases, high speed & high temperature oils greases, electrical contract greases, rock bit greases, automotive greases & open gear greases are available. Operating temperature range is from minus 200 degrees F to plus 1800 degrees F (1000 degrees C). Lubricating services are available for highly engineered applications, OEM & private label customers.