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Regent Controls, Inc

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Regent Controls offers a full line of power control solutions. Our clutch and brake power supply controllers, multifunction timers, sensing relays and interfacing relays are recognized around the world for reliability, performance and lifespan. As a division of Carlyle Johnson, Regent products can be part of a fully-integrated CJM motion control system solution – where motors, controllers, clutches and brakes work together for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Built to the needs of the application, these smart systems perform, monitor and continuously improve customer operations. In addition to a full line of standard products - all designed for flexibility, reliability and performance - Regent Controls also offers in-house engineering that allows us to partner with customers and develop fully-customized components for unique applications. Whether you need a specialized power supply control relay or timer, or complete system design and integration, our experts deliver results no matter how tough the challenge.
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