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EDDY Pump Corporation

El Cajon, California, United States
https://eddypump.com/[email protected]+16193455446

About Company:

Manufacturer of standard and custom dredge equipment and process pumps. Types include flooded suction, submersible, self-priming and booster pumps. Cable, barge mounted and autonomous dredges, hydraulic power units and variable frequency drives are also offered. All products are available for rent. Used for pumping brine, bilge, sand, gravels, fly ash, sludge, mud, grit, muck, paste and rocks. Suitable for fracking, wastewater, irrigation, dredging, barge unloading, sewage and commercial applications. Serves the agriculture, mining, navy, oil, gas, chemical, energy, paper and pulp industries. Made in the USA.
  1. Industrial Slurry Pumps

  2. Dredging Equipment

  3. Navy and Marine Pumps

  4. Dredge Consulting

  5. Oil Drill Cuttings Pumps

Categories of Products Manufactured by EDDY Pump Corporation:

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    Centrifugal Pumps
    11 Devices
    Solid handling and slurry pumps
    41 Devices
    Submersible pumps
    21 Devices
    Hydraulic Power Units
    4 Devices
    Engine driven solid handling pumps
    7 Devices
    slurry pumps' parts
    4 Devices