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Rolling Motion Industries


North Babylon, New York, United States[email protected]+16313650537

About Company:

ewelers Machinist Company Incorporated was started by our grandfather in 1947. Located in East New York, the company serviced the thread grinding needs in the tristate area. As the company grew through the years, it was relocated to North Babylon, NY. Ray and John Pawloski took over in 1993 after the illness of their father. In 2001, the brothers realized they needed to switch from outdated conventional thread grinders to CNC thread grinders. Once completed the company flourished. They now complete some of the most complex thread grinding in the country. The idea for the RMI traction drive came from John Pawloski in 2007. It took 9 years to bring this concept to the commercial market. His skills learned at Jewelers Machinist Co. have aided him in the manufacturing of the traction drive. There are many applications where it can be used from auto to medical.
  1. Medical

  2. Motorized Vehicles

  3. Motion Control

  4. HVAC & Pump

  5. Energy Creation & Explosion Proof