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SBT Gearing Solutions

About Company:

At SBT Gearing Solutions Ltd we are a workforce of highly skilled, motivated and dedicated engineers. We are specialists in all aspects of Gear manufacturing & W R Anderton Power Take Off Units, Large Bevels Gears, Worms & Wheels, Gear Shaping, Gear Hobbing, Gear Grinding, Internal Grinding, External Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, Slotting, Large Machine shop, Gearbox repairs & Industrial Gearbox Overhauls. This is complimented by a comprehensive general machining facility that offers the marketing a first class gear manufacturing operation.
  1. Bevel Gears & Worm Gears

  2. Gear Shaping & Planing and Spline & Pinion Hobbing

  3. Gearbox Refurbishment

  4. Double Helical Gears

  5. Gear Grinding, Gear Hobbing, Gear Inspection