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Nippon Steel Corporation

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan🇯🇵

Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Corporation provides steel customers with a wide range of high-quality stainless steel products that includes steel plates, sheets, bars, and wire rods by leveraging its most advanced technologies in the world. This subsidiary has developed the world’s first Sn-added low-interstitial ferritic steel grades, named the “FW (forward) series,” and a new type of duplex stainless steel. In addition to titanium’s lighter, high-strength, and extremely corrosion-resistant properties, Nippon Steel is utilizing the technologies accumulated in its long history of steelmaking to be a world-leader in titanium products for industrial machinery/plants, building materials, automobiles, and aerospace. This unit's major products are railway rolling stock components and forged crankshafts for automobiles. The unit has two manufacturing bases for railway wheels and axles, and four bases for crankshafts in the world.

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