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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Spencer Pettus

North Carolina, United States

About Company:

Spencer Pettus was originally founded by the Spencer family in 1954 as a lumber company and soon after engaged in a joint venture with Mr. Pettus and evolved into what we now know as Spencer Pettus Gear. In the 1970s Joe Brown purchased the company and grew its brand in sales by branching out to cover most of the US, Canada and parts of Central America. Up until the early 2000s, Spencer Pettus primarily served the flexographic printing industry. Current ownership acquired Spencer Pettus in 2004 and has expanded its business to include a diverse portfolio of industries by focusing on expanding technological and manufacturing capabilities that better served its current customers while adding many new ones. Today, Spencer Pettus has positioned itself as an industry leader with cutting edge technology and processes while honoring its history of craftsmanship and superior customer service.
  1. Gearbox Rebuild

  2. Gear Cutting

  3. CNC Turning & CNC Milling

  4. Manual Machining & Fabrication

  5. Vibration Testing