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SPN Schwaben Praezision


About Company:

Determination and commitment were essential tools with which Fritz Hopf built up the good reputation of SPN in the professional world over decades. He recognized early on that the need for high-quality, customer-specific drive solutions was increasing. At SPN, we face the challenges of tomorrow with all openness. But also with traditional values ​​such as reliability, hard work or precision, which you literally get from the cradle in Nördlingen. Regardless of whether new materials or an increasing degree of automation: With a high degree of flexibility, a passion for details and a great deal of curiosity, we work with our customers to develop products and systems that meet their individual requirements one hundred percent. Also in terms of economy.
  1. Special gear

  2. Gear according to SPN standard & Gear elements according to SPN standard

  3. Drive systems according to SPN standard