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SSS Clutch Company

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Since our inception, more than 60 years ago, SSS has concentrated on the development and production of SSS Clutches. We haven't tried to expand into other fields, preferring to perfect the SSS Clutch and to increase its use in more and more applications. The SSS Clutch is a sophisticated freewheel and as such with today's emphasis on energy efficiency and flexibility the requirement for SSS Clutches is continuing to increase. Due to their robust design SSS Clutches are also suitable for use in simple systems where long life, reliability and/or low cost are important. The SSS Clutch is engineered for the application and as such we spend time and use our experience to understand customer's requirements and design accordingly. This attention to detail and emphasis on real quality has given us the reputation of which we are very proud.
  1. Power Generation

  2. Marine

  3. Process

  4. Auxiliary Drive