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Afp tech srl

A company focused on separation technology

About Company:

We are AFP Tech Srl, producing some of the most common internals used in the chemical and petrochemical industry.Our core products focus on metallic wire mesh products and other separation equipment including wire mesh separators, internals for columns, and metallic wire mesh for technical applications.
  1. Wire mesh separator

  2. vane-type droplet separator

  3. vane-type inlet device

  4. internals for gas-liquid separator

  5. internals for liquid-liquid separator

Categories of Products Manufactured by Afp tech srl:

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    Air Filter & Purifier
    2 Devices
    Liquid distributors
    1 Device
    Support Plate & Grids
    1 Device
    Mist Eliminators
    4 Devices
    Other Mass Transfer Equipment & Parts
    7 Devices
    Feed device
    2 Devices