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Stieber Clutch

About Company:

Stieber was founded in Munich in 1937 and is now a medium-sized company employing 140 people at its locations in Heidelberg and Garching near Munich. Our core business activity is the design and production of drive elements for mechanical engineering systems. Our major strength is the development and production of overrunning clutches and backstops, which transmit torque by means of friction. Stieber can reflect on numerous innovative developments during the course of the company’s history innovations that have made it the European market leader. Stieber proved its technical ability once again during the development and design of the largest backstop in the world, for example. This and other backstops are being successfully used even under the toughest of conditions. Stieber, part of the Altra Industrial Motion Group is – together with its sister companies Formsprag and Marland in the USA – the world’s market leader for overrunning clutches and backstops. Our extensive world-wide service network including more than 1000 stocking distributors and technical centres ensures we are always close to the customers.
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