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From today the world of mechanics can count on a single great strength: STM team produces the largest and most complete range of gearboxes and gearmotors. There is no sector, of heavy mechanics, and of light mechanics, where the products of STM team are not present with the most reliable and cutting-edge solutions, on specific requests of the client. It is a single great strength that translates into great peace of mind for customers, who know they can count not only on technologically advanced products but also on the great wealth of knowledge, the product and the market. STM team: unity has always been strength. From today it also makes customer satisfaction.
  1. High Tech Gearboxes and Gearmotors

  2. Standard Gearboxes and Gearmotors

  3. Electronic Motors and Motovariators

  4. Custom Gearboxes and Gearmotors