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About Company:

Discover Battery is a world leader in designing and manufacturing transportation, motive power and advanced energy storage solutions. To "discover" means to find something in the course of a search. At Discover, we are always searching for better solutions to battery and energy storage challenges. What started as a battery distribution business in 1949 has evolved to become a leading innovator and manufacturer of high value power solutions delivered and serviced globally through the best distribution partner network in the world. Success in our market is about delivering excellence with the design, manufacture and supply of battery products and energy storage solutions that we know will set our Original Equipment and distribution partners apart from their competition and that provide meaningful results and outcomes for their customers.
  1. Traction

  2. Advanced Tubular

  3. Energy CUB

  4. Advanced Energy Systems (Lithium)

  5. MIXTECH and Float & Cyclic AGM

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    Battery Banks
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    Solar Batteries
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