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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Taiwan Precision Gear Corp.

About Company:

TPG (TAIWAN PRECISION GEAR) is a professional manufacturer in transmission products and has been concentrated in this field for over 30 years.『T』means Technology, 『P』 means Perfection, 『G』 means Guaranty. Technology, Perfection and Guaranty are our spirit and promise. For the purpose to serve our customers, TPG is always focusing on the R&D developing new and wide range products as well as the quality updated. By using TPG as our trademark and logo to market over the world, especially setting the subsidiary company in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Vietnam and Myanmar to serve the customers more efficiently.
  1. Transmission Series & Poultry Gear Motor

  2. Power Series

  3. Combination Series

  4. Brushless Series

  5. Component Series