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Tapeswitch Corporation

About Company:

Whether you are seeking alternatives, planning a long-term project or responding to an immediate situation, Tapeswitch™ has the experience and qualified staff of technical and support personnel to make a critical difference. Tapeswitch service and support is internationally renowned for rapid response with sensible solutions. Tapeswitch™ has a long history of setting the standards for reliability and performance in sensing, switching, control and safety technologies. Our response to changing requirements has kept Tapeswitch a world leader in a performance-critical marketplace. We develop new products based on customer needs and applications. To better serve our expanding customer base, we implement our marketing approaches based on customer input and upgraded technology. Tapeswitch™ engineers create opportunities in all areas of sensing, switching, control and safety. Our development and standardization of familiar product is a reflection of the commitment and resources we bring to every project. Tapeswitch™ products are manufactured under stringent guidelines in accordance with ISO Quality Management Systems. It is the continuing policy of Tapeswitch™ to improve both our range of products as well as quality of products and services available. Our customers have always been, and continue to be, our number one commitment.
  1. Safety & Sensing Mats, Safety & Sensing Bumpers, and Sensing Edges

  2. Non-Contact Interlocks & Trapped-Key Interlocks

  3. Safety Interface Modules

  4. Switch Products

  5. Light Curtains