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A legacy in motion

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As one of the leading electric motor manufacturers and suppliers, TelcoMotion has provided rugged and reliable motion control products to wide variety of industries for over 25 years. TelcoMotion has complete motor product line. With brushed and brushless motors, AC and DC motors, stepper and servo motors, linear actuator and coreless motors, you're sure to find a product to suit your application. Each of our motor products can be customized to meet your requirements. TelcoMotion provides not only motor product line, but also use the motor as center piece to fulfill our one-stop solution concept from the controller side (PCB, Cable), mechanical enclosure (Metal stamping, Plastic injections), electro-mechanical items ( Gearbox, Driver, Contactor, Fan) to complete turnkey assembly services. Over the past few years, we insist on quality and innovation to satisfy the needs of our customers and to diversify our existing market.
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