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Bee Valve Inc.

Manufacturer, Service Provider

Bee Valve Inc.

Elyria, Ohio, United States


Bee Valve Inc. traces its origin back a half-a-century to the beginning of the modern plastics industry. The company was on the developmental forefront of plastic ball valves and was one of the first companies to use glass-reinforced polypropylene for this application. The company was also on the leading edge in the development of non-metallic hose couplers and adapters in the early 1970s, utilizing glass-reinforced nylon and polypropylene for economy and strength. Bee Valve continues to focus on providing the industry with state-of-the-art materials and components. When you turn to Bee Valve for your fluid handling needs, you`re turning to the market innovator.
  1. Ball Valves

  2. Strainers

  3. Hose Fittings

  4. Gauges

  5. Clamps