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Manufacturer, Service Provider

TSS Rotterdam B.V.

About Company:

TSS Rotterdam is strategically located in the ARA-region; Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Antwerp. Our warehouse and head office is centrally located near all major ports in Rotterdam and only 5 minutes away from Rotterdam Airport. The ports of Amsterdam and Antwerp (Belgium) are less than one hour away. TSS Rotterdam operates brand independent and is known for its innovative and resourceful ways of dealing with the delivering of equipment and spare parts. We understand that time and money are limiting factors. TSS Rotterdam is not committed to one manufacturer, which means we can anticipate quickly and are flexible in our operations. We supply the requested equipment and spare parts from our stocking points, but are also able to find those hard-to-locate and critical parts you are looking for.
  1. Pumps & Pumps Spares

  2. Mechanical Seals

  3. E-motors, Couplings & Inserts, Bearings, and Drive Belts & Chains

  4. Valves, Compressors, Hoses & Couplings, and Fire & Gas Detection

  5. Hydraulics, Diesel Engine Spares, Measuring Equipment, and Electrical Components