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Tsubaki of Canada Limited

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Industry. It’s dynamic, diverse and highly demanding. And in a world where time is money and process dictates profit, it’s no wonder Tsubaki’s premium power transmission products have been called upon more often to keep it in motion. Since 1973, the Canadian market has trusted Tsubaki of Canada Limited, a division of Japan’s Tsubakimoto Chain Co., to keep it moving smoothly. We cover the country’s needs from our Mississauga, Ontario-based head office and production/distribution facility; and our warehouse facility in Edmonton, Alberta. For nearly 100 years, Tsubaki has built a reputation for pairing ingenuity with dependability — from our rugged products to our unrivaled customer service. Whatever the application, our quality products maximize productivity and minimize downtime. It’s a well-documented fact. Durable. Reliable. Long-lasting. Tsubaki products are always your best value. Without fail. We have the right part for the job — from precision roller chains and sprockets to bushings, power locks and shock relays.
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