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Turbo Couplings Co. Ltd.

We do what we know; We know what we do.

About Company:

As TURBO HYDRAULIC COUPLING INDUSTRY; we keep going working by aiming one step a head each day from 1979, with contribution of 36 years experience on power transmission sector that we had started as one company was working on hydraulic coupling and tourqe converter manufacturing. We work and reconnoitre to find snap solutions on your problems with professionnel staff that trained on hydraulic and mechanical power transmission,with working area is equipped with high technology, with innovative aproach to work. We work and reconnoitre on satisfy your needs timely and accurate, with team work and determination. We care with every customer as one customer, in such a way that any of the companies serve in this sector can not, with our products that focus your needs directly,in special models and sizes, satisfy the needs of your system in the real sense. We back up all of our products with all kinds of support before or after sales.
  1. Fluid Couplings

  2. Flexible Couplings

  3. Hydraulic Variator

  4. Electro Hydraulic Brake

  5. Spare Parts