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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Twiflex Limited

Twickenham, Middlesex, United Kingdom[email protected]+4402088941161

About Company:

Twiflex, founded in 1946, specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced braking technologies for industrial applications. Twiflex offers the largest range of pneumatically-, hydraulically-, and mechanically-applied industrial disc brake calipers in the world, along with a full line of thrusters, disc brake systems, flexible couplings, and shafts clutch couplings. Innovative Twiflex solutions are found in key markets including metals, mining, energy, elevators & escalators, entertainment and marine on applications such as rolling mills, conveyors, hoists and cranes, grinding mills, wind and tidal turbines, theme park rides and propulsion systems.
  1. Disc Braking Systems

  2. Clutch Couplings

  3. Flexible Couplings & Shafts

  4. TLB Turning, Locking & Braking Systems

  5. Torque Limiters