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Twin Spring Coupling LLC

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Twin Spring Coupling was invented in Australia by an ex coal miner, he saw the same issue of Universal joints and CV joints parts failing early because the existing technology was antiquated and that there had to be a better product out there, finding none we made it, after a number of years of R&D and trials of the product in different fields (Automotive, Agriculture, Mining and Marine) we applied and were granted our patents in 2012. ISO9001 2007 certified, its quality build at a comparable price makes replacement of other flexible coupling technology well worth doing. The product plus its build quality should be on your list to replace your current old technology. We have 2 locations Australia and the United States of America, with the headquarters being in the US. We look forward to discussing your needs and being able to help you
  1. Mechanical Power Transmission

  2. Shaft Coupling replacement technology

  3. Replaces Spicer, Lovejoy, Beam, Bellows and Jaw type shaft couplings

  4. Mining, Industrial, Agriculture, and Automotive