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Var-Spe Variatori Oleodinamici

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Giuseppe Speggiorin, founder of Var-Spe and inventor of the hydrodynamic speed variator , was born in 1924 in the province of Vicenza into a large family. During his childhood and youth he learned from his parents the values ​​of honesty, seriousness and moral integrity. These values ​​will guide him in his personal and working life. His passion for mechanics was born after the war when as a young man he found himself working for a company specializing in the repair of aircraft engines. After this experience, he is hired in a pasta factory and becomes responsible for the maintenance of the machinery. Here he became passionate about speed variation in industrial processes and began to understand that companies were growing the need for tools capable of adapting the speed of the motors to the production process. Thus began a history of technological innovation that still today sees Var Spe as a world leader .
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  2. Hydraulic motors

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