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VL Motion Systems Inc.

Precision in Movement

About Company:

VL Motion Systems is your one source for premium gear motors. We specialize in supplying gearmotors to the OEM, wholesale and end-user markets. From our flagship line of gearmotors to leading edge motion controls, VL Motion Systems offers excellence in product selection, customer service, competitive prices and quick deliveries. Our product lines includes AC or DC, small, medium and large power gearmotors, speed reducers, Binder electromagnetic brakes, and motion controls. • Products and Services • Gearmotors • Planetary Reducers • Large Power Reducers • Valve Actuators • Electric Brakes • Treatment Plant Products
  1. Gear Motors

  2. Gear Reducers

  3. Electric Brakes

  4. Valve Actuators

  5. Crane Wheels and Accessories