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Gaspare Culcasi, founder of LAYER ELECTRONICS, began working in the electro-technical field in 1960, attending training courses at the SCUOLA RADIO ELETTRA where he obtained his first technical diploma. After his first training experience within the famous institute, he then took part in the following courses and obtained the subsequent diploma. After his training period, Gaspare Culcasi began to put his knowledge into practice and finally opened the private company LAYER ELECTRONICS in 1967, which later produced the first transformers and stabilizers for TVs and Radios.
  1. Power (e.g., UPS, Stabilizers, Inverters)

  2. Renewable Energies (e.g., Solar and Wind Energies)

Categories of Products Manufactured by Layer Electronics S.r.l:

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    Wind Generator
    8 Devices
    Horizontal Wind Turbines
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