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Motivated by the pioneer Bernd Joos, a small team from Spanner Re² GmbH ventured into wood gasifier technology in 2007. Together with our first customers, we successfully brought this exciting technology to market and have installed more than 700 Biomass CHP’s globally. We are convinced that "wood power" will play a significant part in the future of renewable energies. The technology generates power and heat from the domestic and renewable resource of wood, regardless of weather. With wood power, you can take care of your energy supply by yourself, and become independent from big corporations as well as fossil energy imports. We offer tailor-made complete solutions and know-how generated from more than 20,000,000 hours of operation. Partner with us to ensure your business has a sustainable energy future.
  1. Biomass power plant & Cascade systems, Fuel for wood gasifier

  2. Conveying technology

  3. EnergyBlock - the turnkey wood gasifier container solution

  4. Large-scale wood gasifier combined with existing CHP units

  5. Wood chip drying

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