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Plymouth, Minnesota, United States

About Company:

Zero-Max has been an industry leading manufacturer of power transmission components for over 70 years. By being responsive to customer's needs with innovative design and exceptional service, Zero-Max has grown into a worldwide solution provider for power transmission component products. It all began in 1949, when Minnesota inventor Sterling Stageberg designed a unique mechanical variable speed transmission drive. Stageberg's design varied the output speed from a constant input from zero to maximum. Initially, it was used on automotive windshield wipers and became an instant success. The product filled an important industry need at the time, which helped launch the company. It also provided the idea for the Zero-Max brand, a name carried on all of today's Zero-Max products sold throughout the world.
  1. Flexible Shaft Couplings

  2. Overhung Load Adaptors for Hydraulic Systems

  3. Power Transmission Products

  4. Keyless Shaft Bushings