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SunWize Power & Battery

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Albany, Oregon, United States

About Company:

SunWize Power & Battery designs and builds reliable, stand-alone industrial power solutions and electronic assemblies for integration into OEM products and field applications. With over 25 years of proven reliability in extreme environments, our solar, battery backup, and hybrid power systems are pre-engineered, assembled and tested for easy installation and minimal maintenance. We work with Governments, small to medium sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies in a diverse range of applications.
  1. Complete Solar Systems

  2. Backup Power Systems & Power System Parts

  3. Custom Solar Modules

  4. Enclosure Cabinets

  5. Solar Kits & Solar Mounts

Categories of Products Manufactured by SunWize Power & Battery:

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    Battery Chargers
    1 Device
    Battery Enclosures & Boxes
    11 Devices