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Microgen Engine Corporation has been working for many years on the development of a free-piston Stirling engine that is suitable for mass production. Since 1995, the enterprise has invested 200 million euros into the development of this concept; efforts that have been paid off with both technological and commercial success. As a result, the Microgen Engine Corporation has been the world's only successful mass producer of Stirling engines with this power range since 2010, when tey first became a commercial viability. A revolution in power generation and energy efficiency. Microgen’s Free Piston Stirling Engine is the result of the meticulous engineering and development of a high tech, game changing solid-base technology with a focus on carefree and lifelong use.
  1. Industrial Remote Power

  2. Rural Power and Heat

  3. Free Piston Stirling Engine

  4. Heat acceptors

  5. Burners, Engine Controls

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