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Turbine Services, Ltd. Group

GE Large Frame Gas Turbine Parts

Saratoga Springs, New York, United States
http://www.turbineservices.com[email protected]+15185836191

About Company:

Over the years, we have engineered hundreds of products and today TSL® stands as the largest full line supplier of aftermarket replacement parts for virtually all GE gas turbine models. Our continued effort to be at the forefront of product improvement and innovation (through new technology uprates and service life extension packages, SL+®) has put TSL® in a league above the competition. Today our product quality, competitive pricing, impeccable service, and short delivery time, backed by our current ISO 9001:2015 certification, has established Turbine Services, Ltd. as a market leader. TSL® has successfully supplied replacement parts to more than 800 customers worldwide, including original equipment manufacturers such as Thomassen and Alstom.
  1. GE Frame 3 Gas Turbine

  2. GE Frame 5, Frame 5 NT, and Frame 5 two-shaft Gas Turbines

  3. GE Frame 6 Gas Turbine

  4. GE Frame 7 Gas Turbine

  5. GE Frame 9 Gas Turbine