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On-Site Equipment Maintenance LLC.

The Industry Leader in Severe Service Valve Repair

Edison, New Jersey, United States

About Company:

On-Site Maintenance is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service while maintaining complete customer satisfaction. With over 50 years experience you can rest assure that "On-Site" has the capabilities to suit your maintenance needs, whether it be parts repair or complete plant re-powering. On-Site Maintenance offers many different areas of service re-manufacturing, rebuilding, and repairs. On-Site Maintenance is pleased to take any challenge your company has to offer like "On-Site Valve Repair, Turbine Repair, Pump Repair, Gear Box Repair, and any other challenges like Field Services, Welding Services, Shop Services, and all types of "On-Site Maintenance".
  1. Control Valves

  2. Turbines

  3. Pumps

  4. Parts Manufacturing