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KAPPA Engineering

Petroleum engineering software company

About Company:

KAPPA is primarily a petroleum engineering software company. The fifth generation of integrated software platform (KAPPA-Workstation) is the industry standard for the analysis of dynamic data. It includes modules for Pressure Transient Analysis (Saphir), Rate Transient Analysis (Topaze), full field numerical modeling (Rubis) and Formation Testing (Azurite). The freestanding Production Logging (Emeraude) and Field Performance Analysis software (Citrine) are in the process of being integrated into the KAPPA-Workstation. To seamlessly connect and process PDG and production data in the KAPPA-Workstation modules KAPPA has developed KAPPA-Server, a client-server solution that processes centrally and then shares permanent gauge data, production data, technical objects and various documents in a coherent environment for real-time reservoir surveillance.
  1. Software & Services

  2. Jig, fixture and tooling

  3. Special machine tool design and development

  4. Production planning consultant

  5. Part CNC Programming