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Manufacturers of Samplex, Holmen, and Insectomat.

About Company:

At TEKPRO, we take the time and care to engineer and manufacture test equipment, specialising in post-harvest sampling and testing. With our headquarters based in the heart of Norfolk, our small, family run business has become the leading sampling company in the UK with an ever expanding network in over 80 countries around the world. Since our establishment in 1989, TEKPRO’s mission has been to deliver products to customers who face the strain from the global food markets. Our in-house departments ensure customers receive the performance they demand and deserve. All of our products are uniquely designed by our team of experienced electro-mechanical engineers, and are exclusively Made in Britain. As the traceability of food and ingredients has become an increasingly important issue for the agricultural industry and policymakers, TEKPRO ensures their equipment delivers a truly representative sample, to comply with the stringent measures of food quality and safety. In recent years, the ‘farm to fork’ strategy aims to develop a safe, secure and sustainable system within the food industry. TEKPRO works closely with the industry’s regulatory bodies to meet these challenges, providing the means of taking a truly representative sample and giving real value to the lab analysis.
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