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inCTRL Solutions Inc.

Water – Wastewater – Biogas. We get you digital!

About Company:

inCTRL Solutions Inc. provides innovative solutions for water and biogas systems that improve water quality, are more cost effective, lead to higher resilience, and increase productivity. inCTRL Solutions Inc. is all about quality and efficiency around water and wastewater treatment and resource recovery. We reach our goals by providing a unique skill set combining advanced data analytics with classic process engineering and our vast practical experience. Add our innovative digital tools and we get you ready for the future.
  1. Water quality monitoring, Data Analytics, Design Tools

  2. Modelling, Process control, Digital Solutions, Data Management, and Data Clean-up

  3. Wastewater, Instrumentation, Data Quality

  4. Sensor maintenance, Multi-variate Statistics, Sensor maintenance planning

  5. Energy audits, Simulation software, Process Simulator, Biogas Plants