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atg UV Technology

Experts in UV Water Treatment Systems

Greater Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom[email protected]+4401942216161

About Company:

atg UV Technology are leaders in the design and manufacture of UV (ultraviolet) disinfection / treatment systems for municipal drinking water and waste water, oil and gas applications, industrial process water and aquatics. Our applications include: Municipal: Drinking water (validated), waste water, storm water, advanced oxidation, waste water re-use. Oil & Gas: Drinking water, well injection (oil & gas recovery), pipeline hydrotesting, SRB reduction & corrosion protection, unconventional gas (gas fracking), Industrial, process water, ultra-pure water, TOC reduction, make-up water, food & beverages, aquatics (swimming pools). With 30 years of experience, an impressive international client portfolio and thousands of successful case studies, atg UV are leading the way in UV system design for Low Pressure, Low Pressure Amalgam and Medium Pressure UV Systems, treating flows from 1 m3/hr to over 5,000 m3/hr in a single, compact, high output UV system.
  1. Drinking Water, Wastewater, Aquatics, Aquaculture

  2. Oil & Gas

  3. Marine

  4. Food & Beverage

  5. Industrial