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Gasmet Technologies Oy

Know what’s in the air.

About Company:

Our mission is to provide solutions that help improve air quality, protect the environment, mitigate climate change and promote occupational safety. Our vision is to live on a green planet with less emissions. Gasmet is a Finnish high technology company that develops, manufactures and markets gas analyzers and monitoring systems for a variety of industrial, environmental and safety applications. Our customers worldwide include, but are not limited to, power plants, waste incinerators, first responders and universities. In the field of gas analysis, our company have established a global reputation for innovative, customer-driven and reliable solutions. As a global company, we place a heavy emphasis on high levels of pre- and post-sale technical support. Gasmet is founded in 1990 consisting of the parent company and four subsidiaries which are located abroad. Gasmet operates in more than 70 countries covering all continents.
  1. Emission Monitoring Systems

  2. Portable Gas Analyzers

  3. Software

  4. FTIR – Fourier Transform Infrared

  5. CVAF – Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence