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Bird-X Inc.


Elmhurst, Illinois, United States

About Company:

Bird-X is the international leader in humane pest and bird control solutions, protecting human health, wildlife and the environment in which we all live. Bird-X manufactures a complete line of unique pest control products with an unmatched focus on quality, efficacy and customer service. We know that pest birds and other animals can be conditioned (using their most basic fears and survival instincts) to avoid areas where a threat is perceived. Many of our solutions mimic threats, while others create a physical barrier or an unfit habitat. From electronic devices, ultrasonic technology, bird spikes and netting, to organic compounds, visual scares, and more – each product repels pests naturally, providing long-term results. Our products not only prevent pest infestation, property damage, the spread of disease, and workplace liability – they also eliminate the need for chemical pesticides, poisons, and dangerous traps.
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